Cone 6 Glaze Workshop with John Britt

Cone 6 Glaze Workshop with John Britt

Cone 6 Glaze Workshop with John Britt – January 2015

CASD organizers Merle Lambeth and Pierre Bounaud were pleased to host John Britt for a 3-day hands-on glaze workshop (oxidation and reduction, cone 6) at El Cajon High School, in Allen Reed’s ceramics class. John is a studio potter in Bakersville, North Carolina, and has worked and taught extensively, both nationally and internationally, at universities, colleges and craft centers, for over 30 years. John is also an accomplished author of ceramic books and e-books, notably  “The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glaze; Glazing & Firing at Cone 10”, “The Quest for the Illusive Leaf Bowl and Other Assorted Articles”, “Aventurine Glazes” and his most recent book “The Complete Guide to Midrange Glazes: Glazing and Firing at Cone 6”. For more information on John, please visit his website at

Over 1200 test tiles were fired to test 21 base glazes and 10 different colorants on 3 different clay bodies, both in electric and gas atmospheres. The results were stunning and demonstrated the influence of oxidation and reduction environments on glazes. Each participant was responsible for a base glaze , adding in the colorants to and dipping in a set of test tiles. John Britt provided a general overview of glazes, glaze classification and firing principles. He also discussed how and why each type of glaze works, how one can achieve them, how to adjust a glaze and how to find new ones. It was in all a very fun and relaxed atmosphere to learn the complex subject of glazes from a wonderfully entertaining teacher and master.

Special thanks to Allen Reed for letting us invade his wonderful ceramics studio. We will be back !


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