Allied Craftmen Today Exhibit at the Mingei

Allied Craftmen Today Exhibit at the Mingei

Date:Jun 15, 2013 Ages: Price: Type:exhibit Location:Mingei Museum, San Diego CA

Allied Craftsmen Today Exhibit Opens June 15, 2013

Founded in  San Diego in 1947, the Allied Craftsmen have been a significant  community of mutual support and inspiration, many of whose earliest  members are featured in the Museum’s past exhibition SAN DIEGO’S CRAFT REVOLUTION – From Post War Modern to California Design. Featuring current work of this group of 68 active members, this  exhibition will demonstrate the continuing vitality of one of the  nation’s few remaining craftsmen’s groups that proliferated in the  post-World-War-II era.

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Community Celebration Free Weekend: Saturday, June 15 – Sunday, June 16

To celebrate the Museum’s 35th Anniversary, all visitors are invited to  experience the Museum free of charge. Bring a friend and be among the  first to see the Allied Craftmen Today exhibition. On Sunday, join us for Family Sunday and go on a family treasure hunt. It’s a great time to introduce your favorite museum to someone new!

THE ALLIED CRAFTSMEN – A Lunchtime Lecture, Friday June 21 12:00 – 1:00pm

In conjunction with the Museum exhibition, Allied Craftmen Today, join the Museum’s Director of Exhibitions and Chief Curator, Christine  Knoke, for a lunchtime lecture focused on the history and current work  of this dynamic collective of local craft artists.  Attendees are  invited to bring lunch.