Patrick Crabb Workshop

Date:Jun 30, 2012 Ages: Price:$200 Type:workshop Location:1400 E.Pomona St., Santa Ana, CA

Form & Function: Plates & Platters by Patrick Crabb

Hosted by Aardvark Clay & Supplies

Dates: June 30th & July 7th 2012, 9 am – 4 pm

This 2- day session workshop will enhance your confidence in working with soft slab construction in

concert with handmade plaster molds, creating uniquely original platters & plates for daily usage. From

hands-on approach in mixing plaster to tips on raw clay surface treatments to colorful glaze pattern, the

techniques will increase your competency and confidence as a craftsperson from this exciting workshop.

You will be proud to serve family and friends from these beautiful, functional items! 12 students max.

Lunch provided