Stretched Slab Demo by Scott Young

Date:Sep 1, 2012 Ages: Price:$65 Type:Demonstration Location:1400 E.Pomona St., Santa Ana, CA

Exploring “Stretched Slab” Possibilities with Scott Young

Hosted by Aardvark Clay & Supplies

Date: September 1st 2012, 8:30 am – 12 pm

This slab demonstration will focus on preparing a thicker piece of clay and explore textured surface

options like impressed marks, incised linear marks, colored clay inlay and/or colored slip layering.

Next, “throwing” and “Stretching” out the thick block of clay into a even wall slab, hoping to capture

clay’s plasticity and surface texture. If time permits, use these slabs to create simple one slab plates &

cylinder vases. 12 students maximum.

Demo only.